Monday, 5 March 2012

Joaquin Almunia on IPRs and patents

An interview with Joaquin Almunia on IPRs, patents and competition issues.  As before, my thanks to Kasper Peters of viEUws for this content.  

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    Firstly, my apologies for doorstepping you without an entrée, but what’s email for eh? Just dropping you a brief note to say that I'm really enjoying all your work on antitrust law on this blog – your posts are never less than informative and you manage to distill quite complex issues, arising themselves from a fairly complex law, into easy to understand, accessible gobbets. I write for a large financial magazine and we're looking to make a move into covering business law and legal news (antitrust is a natural, and fecund, topic for us to investigate). If you fancy having some of your work featured, drop me an email, or follow me on Twitter (@WilliamHenryWF).